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I don’t know if anyone even looks through charahub tag but

would anyone like to give me free referral… I’m running out of space and I have too many ocs orz and I’m a poor college art student to buy a subscription..

(and if anyone does have a charahub, let me know yo! and if you don’t know what charahub is.. it’s a website solely for organizing your ocs, and it’s rlly good! so look that up.)

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Hmm!! Maybe we can crowdsource this!

We should obviously turn to the awesome community before we search elsewhere, because you guys know Charahub better than anyone. 

We’re looking for an awesome web designer who can help decide on the future of Charahub visually! 

If this is you, email us ( and lets have a chat. This is a paying job! 

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right-up-and-ikemen asked: When CH 2.0 is released, will there be a mobile version or apps for Apple and Android? It's currently difficult to work with it on mobile right now, and with NaNoWriMo coming up soon, I need Charahub if I'm going to get anything done. Such a good site, though. Keep working at it!

For version Charahub 2 we’re using an awesome framework called Meteor, which will soon allow us to deploy to mobile as well as making a web version of the app.

Our initial design of Charahub was to be very mobile friendly but unfortunately that didn’t quite pan out the way we expected, but mobile is very important to us and key to the next version of Charahub!

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is-the-killer asked: So... How's work on 2.0?

It’s coming along.

Like I’ve said before - both Gemma and I have other jobs that are pretty demanding, and since Charahub doesn’t make any money we don’t really have the ability to sit down and dedicate ourselves to it. 

I’m considering doing a kickstarter or a gofundme or something to raise the necessary funds to get people on it full time, but that’d be around $15,000 and I just don’t know if we’d be able to raise it. What do you think?

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Charahub is really good!  Like really good.

I’ve just got through making a profile for one of my characters (there’s room, as you’ll either know already through using it or find out by clicking through the link, for 100 to start with).  I chose to begin with my Medieval hero, Caelan Galbraith.  I don’t if you’ll be able to see him, because I’ve set it to hidden except from those I share the link with.  So, you might be able to see him, but then again you might not.  I chose to keep him hidden on the site, because I want my characters to remain out of the public eye as much as possible.  This is because I hope to get some of these stories published one day, and it’d kind of ruin them [in my opinion, at least] by parading the characters & their intricacies all over the internet!

Anyway, Charahub is really, really good!  It allows you to go so in-depth with the characters.  It makes you think about things you might have overlooked, although my main characters are often plotted right down to the smallest possible detail.  So, Caelan was easy for me to write into the portfolio on Charahub, but some of his counterparts from the same universe might not be so easy, like his sworn enemy (keep an eye out on Caelan’s questions section to learn who that is).

If you’re a writer, or RPer with loads of OCs, then this site will definitely help you keep track of all those pesky little characters (and the major ones) that keep setting up camp in your head.

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riker-wears-a-skant asked: Hey, I saw you mention Charahub - what are your thoughts on it? Is it all that useful of a website?



my god


it organizes character creation into easily manageable questions that are specific, yet basic enough to really let you roll with your character to whatever depth you want

the questions range from things that a psychiatrist would note in their logs to something you’d find on a cosmo quiz and it’s honestly really refreshing

here’s a link to mine so you can see what I’m talking about!


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anothersidebloghub asked: The site is still going down intermittently and when it is up, it's very slow. is this just the way the site is always going to be? I found it about a week and a half ago and this is the way the site has been since I started. it's very frustrating.

It’s really strange because I’m just not having this issue. :( I’ve been loading the site every hour or so for the past week and I haven’t had any downtime, and it’s loading relatively fast for me.

:( -k

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thee-synduo replied to your photo “Sorry for the lack of activity and drawings here and on dA due to…”

Charahub? : o This is new to me, what is it about.

Oh Charahub is a free website where you can basically make a directory of all your OCs and/or FCs


You can be very basic…


…or go super detail with their info as much as you like.

You can also upload images as profile or visual reference, answer questions (this works as a building/inspiration tool ), make character connections of your own OCs or friends OCs, and create groups to organize them if you have multiple project/series (like I do xD).

Here’s mine as example. Right now it’s just The Good Ol’ Days but I will have other projects and OCs in there.

It’s really useful development tool to keep track of your OCs or just somewhere you can store them. Stores up to 100 OCs and upload up to 10 images (Maximum file size: 500KB Maximum resolution: 1024 X 2048). 


If you like, you can  get a subscription for more file size and add more OCs. It’s very cheap, like $3 a moth.


So… yeah that’s all I have to say about it haha xD;;;