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Charahub - Your personal character database back with a NEW LAYOUT

Hello, followers! We hope you’re having an absolutelylovelyday today, whether in celebration of particular events, or otherwise!

We know a lot of you have been having some problems with Charahub lately - and it’s been frustrating! But we’re here today to show you this!


This hasn’t been pushed to the site yet, as we’re hoping you’ll help us with one final big test before we make it live - and give you the site we think you deserve! We worked pretty hard on it, and hope you’ll love it. So please go in, have a look around, and report back to us any lasting problems. We tried fixing everything, but some gremlims have a habit of hiding from us!

Have fun! (And see the magic that happens when you shrink your browser window)

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    The new layout doesn’t even work on my computer and it’s really upsetting because I might not be able to use it anymore....
  2. ssinns answered: i’m ok with the layout and stuff but the white on white is just a bit too… white hahaha
  3. torotix answered: Doesn’t work in opera
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  5. nightingales answered: Other people covered a lot of my issues but the biggest one is please un-italicise the font on the character pages!
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    Jag here! I love the idea of us looking through a book, it’s a splendid idea, especially for such a thing as character...
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    Thank you for being so detailed. I’m on it! :D
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  11. korokage answered: I think it looks good. There are a few problems, like the Stremgths/Weaknesses thing running into the text field, but overall it’s likable.
  12. dust-bite answered: I still cant log in :v
  13. messies answered: it’s too busy/messy, the old one was a LOT more simple and easier to look at and figure out. don’t fix what isn’t broken
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    [[MORE]] I’m glad to see the site getting some more attention! I know how hard you both work - The storybook layout is...
  15. technotranceremex answered: You can still customise profiles just fine. It’s just that the structure of the layout is different, requiring different css rules.
  16. alpacasovereign answered: agreed with ange, and also the layout violates so many basic laws of design, from an artistic standpoint it’s horrible to look at.
  17. frogela answered: i wouldn’t be so raged out over this if you didn’t remove our ability to customize our pages beyond backgrounds. which look awful now.
  18. armaina answered: Totally agreeing with all of blackacres suggestions, better worded/presented than I could do
  19. blackacres reblogged this from charahub and added:
    The above code is what I added the achieve the above effect. The scrollbars blend in nicely to the whole layout itself...
  20. cetaceanhandiwork answered: I’ve made a thread on the suggestions section of your forum with my thoughts.
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    FRIENDS AND FAVES FEATURES SOON, YAAAAY!!!!! First notes, the interface for the characters is a little bugged, if the...
  22. miguelele answered: Maybe I’m dumb, but I can’t seem to find the edit button for character profiles?
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    all of this. all of this and more.
  24. superbloopers answered: I’m still locked out of my account lmfao
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    This is really not half bad, but it has a lot of problems. First, the book is extremely tall, and barely fits on my...
  27. starberryboos answered: ahhh i am having a lot of issues, perhaps ill take screenshots when i get home i’m at work right now :’| love the small browser window look!
  28. technotranceremex said: Okay I’m reblogging this, the tumblr reply feature is terrible. XD
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  30. arandomnomad answered: Looks great on the computer, but a little scrunched on the iPad and iPhone. I like it.
  31. imbuedelegance said: Profiles aren’t working, getting this: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘else’ (T_ELSE) in /home/keith/ on line 148” otherwise everything looks absolutely loving and is running smoothly!